//  Origin:  Huntington Beach, CA
//  Genres:  Blues, Blues Rock
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  The Michael Mills Band / Sony Orchard Distribution
//Media/Management/ Marlene Palumbo/ Indienink Music 
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The Michael Mills Band "Stand Up" 
coming March 2020 

The long awaited full album release is a cross genre is uniquely blended Blues, Rock, R&B with allot of Soul. 

"The Michael Mills Band new album "Stand up" is fun, gritty, soulful, and driving. Fresh and nostalgic at the same time. It's definitely a record I would buy for my own enjoyment" Patrick Woodward.


The Michael Mills Band is an edgy Blues based band from the Blues Mecca of the world, Huntington Beach, CA.

Songwriters - Michael Mills & Jesse Godoy

Saxaphone - Eddie Hagihara, Ron Robbins, Jim Butler
Harmonica - Chef Denis
Keyboards - Albert Margolis 
Background vocals - Jackie Simone Elliott, Cydney Wayne Davis
Bass - Scot Campbell

Drums - Ron Ravicchio

Guitar - Jesse Godoy
Guitar, Lead Vocals - Michael Mills

B3 - Mark Weiss 



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