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//  Origin:  Huntington Beach, CA
//  Genres:  Blues, Blues Rock
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  The Michael Mills Band / Sony Orchard Distribution
//Media/Management/ Marlene Palumbo/ Indienink Music 
marlene@indienink.com 970.581.0947
//  Website:  www.michaelmillsband.com // Facebook www.facebook.com/the michaelmillsband 
 'See My Baby by The Michael Mills Band feat. Tom Hambridge 

Releasing on April 1 2022

Written by Michael Mills and Jesse Godoy 

Produced by Tom Hambridge (Joe Bonamassa, Kingfish, Buddy Guy...) 


MMB is an edgy Blues based band from the Blues Mecca of the world, Huntington Beach, CA.

The Michael Mills Band have been creating great music for years. During the pandemic, Mike and Jesse started writing this new single. Mike thought it would be good to have Tom Hambridge produce the song. 

Mike  said that knew  Tom Hambridge could make their song a hit.  

The Michael Mills Band are currently booking for the 2022/ 2023 season. 


New Music on April 1st 2o22 



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